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14th Jun 2024

Elegant baby girl names inspired by Bridgerton

Sophie Collins


The hit series ‘Bridgerton,’ has sparked a renewed interest in elegant and timeless names. 

With its lavish regency-era setting and captivating characters, there’s no wonder parents want to opt for featured names.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and classic name for your baby girl, consider these inspired by the beloved characters and the charm of the Bridgerton world.


Daphne Bridgerton was the graceful and determined protagonist of the series’ first season.

Originating from Greek mythology, Daphne means “laurel tree” and symbolizes victory. It’s a name that carries both a classic feel and a touch of nature’s beauty.


Eloise Bridgerton is the independent and spirited sister.

Eloise, of French origin, means “healthy” and “wide.” It’s perfect for parents looking for a name that combines literary charm with a sense of strength and resilience.


Penelope Featherington is known for her sweet demeanour and secretive strength.

Penelope is of Greek origin, meaning “weaver,” and is often associated with patience and cleverness. This name is a lovely choice for those who appreciate classic literature and mythological roots.


Marina Thompson is a character who embodies mystery and depth.

Marina, of Latin origin, means “of the sea.” It’s a beautiful option for parents who love the ocean and seek a name with a peaceful, yet powerful, presence.


Although not a main character in Bridgerton, Genevieve captures the spirit of the era with its sophistication and elegance. 

Of French origin, Genevieve means “tribe woman” and has a regal feel, making it a perfect fit for parents who desire a name with historical depth and grace.


Inspired by the youngest Bridgerton sibling, Hyacinth is a unique and floral name that stands out. 

Of Greek origin, Hyacinth refers to a beautiful flower and carries connotations of beauty and renewal. This name is ideal for those who love nature-inspired names with a distinctive twist.

Whether you prefer a name that is classic and familiar or one that is unique and filled with literary and historical significance, the world of Bridgerton offers a wealth of beautiful options for your baby girl.