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29th Jul 2021

Three-week-old baby in intensive care with Covid-19 in Northern Ireland

Kat O'Connor

“More people are going into intensive care.”

A three-week old baby is in intensive care with COVID-19 in Northern Ireland.

According to Belfast Live, radio presenter Stephen Nolan asked Health Minister Robin Swann about the baby’s case.

However, the minister said he is not allowed to comment on individual cases, but warned that COVID-19 can affect anyone, no matter how old you are.

He commented: “I will not speak about any individual case because that wouldn’t be appropriate in my position but in regards to patients that we are supporting our health service is doing its utmost to make sure anyone who needs the support… anyone who has tested positive they do [get it].

Swann continued: “This virus is no discriminator against age, sex, religion nor the political belief that’s why our vaccine is there for people to come forward and get it.”

He warned: “More people are going into intensive care which we haven’t seen previously and a younger cohort are needing that intensive support as well.”

It is believed there are two people under 19 being treated for COVID-19 in Northern Irish hospitals.

The Department of Health confirmed a further three deaths and 1,600 cases in Northern Ireland yesterday.

244 people with COVID-19 have been admitted to hospital. 32 people are being treated for COVID-19 in ICU.

“Our health service is now experiencing the outworking of the latest surge in Covid-19 cases with a marked increase in demand for critical care,” Swann stated.

He has urged people to get their vaccines as soon as possible.

“Placing this level of demand on our health service is not suitable. It’s vital that people protect themselves by getting vaccinated as soon as possible,” he added.

Over 2, 224, 108 vaccines have been administered in Northern Ireland.