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30th Nov 2017

This throwback picture of Meghan Markle at Buckingham Palace is adorable

Would ya look!

Orlaith Condon

It was written in the stars.

Or it was just any teens big trip abroad, either way, the latest photo of Meghan Markle that’s resurfaced is undeniably cute.

Over 20 years before announcing she is to become the newest member of the royal family, 15-year-old Meghan spent a summer in London taking in all the sights.

From Big Ben to Trafalgar Square, she saw it all in 1996.

And there was one other landmark that made it on the itinerary – Buckingham Palace.

Yes, old pictures of a younger Meghan sitting in front of the royal residence have resurfaced and we can’t help but find it adorable.

The images are on the front cover of the Daily Mail with the headline:

“Posing in front of the Palace, the 15-year-old who’s about to become a princess”.

The photo is a clear throwback to the nineties, with Meghan wearing a black cami dress, round sunnies and sliders.

21 years later and Meghan has just made the move from Toronto to her new home in Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace.

It may not be Buckingham Palace, but she’ll be no stranger in that residence either.