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19th May 2022

Family left shaken after toddler escapes from childcare centre

Kat O'Connor

“She could have been hit by a car”

A family has been left shaken after their toddler escaped from a childcare centre in Australia.

The two-year-old girl attended a childcare facility in Melbourne but somehow managed to escape.

The girl’s family has slammed the staff for letting this happen.

The young girl was attending the Nido Early School in Werribee.

2-year-old Maisie was found wandering alone just after 9.30 am.

The girl’s grandfather Duncan Reed has called out the creche for being so reckless.

It is believed the little girl got out through an unlocked gate.

Luckily, a parent spotted Maisie wandering around alone and took her back to the facility.

The toddler was only alone for ten minutes, but her family said anything could’ve happened in those few minutes.

Speaking to 9 News, her grandfather said: “Could you imagine if something had happened? She could have been hit by a car, I just can’t put it into words.”

The grandfather said no child should ever be treated like that.

He stressed, “I’m so disappointed by the way we have been treated, the way the children have been treated.”

He said they tried to undermine what happened to his granddaughter.

An investigation is currently underway.

This is reportedly the second time this has happened in the childcare setting.

A young boy was also found wandering outside the creche, but staff claimed he was “just unattended”.

The Department of Education and Training in Australia said the health and safety of all children is their top priority.

It also said a full investigation into this incident will be conducted.