Toddler helps 'Outback Wrangler' dad remove massive snake 1 week ago

Toddler helps 'Outback Wrangler' dad remove massive snake

Commenters compared the tot to a young Steve Irwin.

Australian TV star Matt Wright has shown his two-year-old son is set to follow in his footsteps.

The 'Outback Wrangler' star shared a video to Instagram of the toddler helping him remove a huge snake from their garden.

In the video, captioned "Learning the ropes," the toddler can be seen fearlessly pulling at the snake.

“Pull him out buddy, pull him out," Matt tells him in the footage. “Pull him over to the bushes.

“Watch out, he'll bite you. You've got to go for the tail."

The video has garnered almost 400,000 views, with a mixed reaction.


"This child is not old enough to make an accurate assessments on what snakes are safe and what are not. Heck most adults can’t," one user commented.

"Normally I love your videos but I’m not a fan of this behaviour. No need to stress the animal just for an Instagram video," wrote another.

Others praised the toddler's bravery, comparing him to a mini Steve Irwin.

Previously, Matt told Daily Mail Australia that he knows his limits and the dangers of the animals he comes into contact with.

"There is a certain point, the animals react to certain pressure points, and you need to know them for their reaction," he said.

"You can be around them all day but you've got to know your limit."