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27th Mar 2024

Tom Holland has a famous dad many people don’t know about


People are being left baffled after finding out about Tom Holland’s famous father

Tom Holland has had a pretty illustrious career considering he’s only 27 years old.

From starring in Spiderman to dating Zendaya, it’s fair to say the actor has it made.

However, despite his A-list status, people are still only just realising who his dad is.

Tom’s father is Dominic Holland, who was famous way before his son was born.

He has worked alongside some of the greatest comedians around, including Rob Brydon, Harry Hill and Bob Monkhouse.

Dominic has also worked as an author, actor and broadcaster, but has accepted that his son’s fame has now overtaken his own.

In his book Eclipsed, he wrote about this experience.

The bio reads: “How does a kid called Tom Holland, who never had a speaking part in a school play find himself playing Marvel’s Peter Parker?

“A series of happy coincidences and serendipitous events is the answer. A fluke, then? Yes, but not exactly, given that huge amounts of commitment and hard work have been required. 

Eclipsed is the unlikely but true story of an ordinary family, muddling on through life without much of a plan and dealing with circumstances that confound normal expectations. Written by a dad who as a professional comedian took his own shot at show-biz stardom and called Eclipsed because his carefully honed plans didn’t work out so well.”

People have shared their reactions to news of Tom’s famous father online.

“I was yesterday years old when I learned that Spiderman Tom Holland is the son of 90s comedy and TV production chap Dominic Holland,” one person wrote.

“Just found out Tom Holland’s dad was a famous comedian in England…. holy s**t the nepotism in the entertainment industry is the gift that keeps giving,” another said.

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