Tonight The Rotunda prepares for a very special delivery, and we're excited 1 year ago

Tonight The Rotunda prepares for a very special delivery, and we're excited

We'll be tuning in for sure!

Tonight on The Rotunda, RTÉ2’s hit new documentary about life behind the scenes at the world’s longest running maternity hospital, the staff prepare to deliver one of their own.

Midwives Mikey and Joanna are having a baby together, who they will co-parent with Mikey’s husband Conleth.

There is much excitement in The Rotunda as Rhona comes in for a C-Section delivery with one very emotional colleague telling Mikey it’s like “Christmas morning”.

Mikey tells viewers: “When the news came out about the baby before Christmas, the reception was amazing. They’ve minded us so well, we are like little VIPs going through.”

In the episode Mikey, Conleth and Rhona discuss their decision to co-parent together. They were trying for about a year, and were about to go abroad for fertility treatment, when Rhona finally became pregnant.

Rhona tells viewers: ”I have no doubt that there’s going to be people who will have certain opinions on our situation but for me the people that matter know about our situation, the people that matter understand our situation and the people that matter to the three of us are very happy with the situation. For me that’s all that matters.”

And Mikey adds: “There is three of us to one baby, that ratio sounds great. We are that modern family now, that is the way I look on it and where there is love and respect you can do anything.”

Elsewhere on tonight’s episode, the hospital plans for the arrival of complex conjoined twins and single mum Emma prepares for the birth of her first child with the help of her mother.

The Rotunda, Episode 3 of 6, RTÉ One, September 27th at 9.30pm.