Toy craze 'Fidget Spinners' described as teachers' nightmare 3 years ago

Toy craze 'Fidget Spinners' described as teachers' nightmare

Fidget spinners are the new must-have toy that everyone wants, but are proving to be very unpopular in some quarters.

We're not fans of encouraging fidgeting, but this new craze could actually prove to be more annoying than any other toy on the market.

Fidget spinners are palm sized 3 pronged toys that are giving Tamagotchis a run for their money in the states. Some are describing them as a teacher's worst nightmare, but they were originally started as a tool to help children with ADHD.

They're a small device with a bearing in the middle that allows you to spin it in your hand. The original was created by Catherine Hettinger over 20 years ago in 1993. It was originally conceived as a calming tool for children but proved incredibly popular with adults too. Hettinger's patent expired before the recent craze though so she's not getting a dime (oops).

The Twitter world shares our sentiment, not quite sure...


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