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05th Jul 2024

Our babysitter fell asleep when she was minding our child- was she in the wrong?

Kat O'Connor

“Am I overreacting?”

A mum has called out her babysitter after she fell asleep on the job.

She explained that she was on a rare date night with her husband when the incident happened.

The woman and her husband checked the monitors in their house and they noticed she was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed.

The mum thought she was just closing her eyes because she had mentioned she was going to listen to an audiobook.

However, they noticed that when they texted her she didn’t move.

They then knew she had fallen asleep.

In a TikTok video, the mum shared, “My husband and I usually don’t leave to go on date nights until he [her son] is fully asleep.”

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But they had to leave him before he settled because they would have been late.

Luckily, the babysitter got him to sleep shortly after they left the house.

The mum added, “She told me he was really easy, just [rocked him for] 15 minutes, and then he was asleep and was asleep the rest of the night.”

After checking the security cameras and noticing she was asleep, the parents started to panic a little.

“Internally, I’m kind of starting to freak out,” she confessed.

She wouldn’t have had a major problem with this because she thought the baby’s sound monitor was on.

However, the babysitter failed to switch it on.

Therefore she wouldn’t hear the baby if he woke up, especially if she was fast asleep.

Do you think the mum is overreacting?

Or does she have a right to be bothered by the babysitter’s actions?