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02nd Jul 2024

‘I blame the nurse for my daughter’s unusual name’

Niamh Ryan

Choosing the right name for your baby is not always the easiest task.

One American woman still lies awake at night thinking about the middle name she ended up giving her daughter, 12 years later.

In Ireland, you must register the birth of a child within three months of the birth.

However, in the US, mothers and fathers are encouraged to fill out the paperwork while still in the hospital.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some questionable decision making due to exhaustion and stress.

The woman wrote on a popular forum to discuss her regret, as she gave her daughter the middle name ‘Ellanore.’

“I did not intentionally spell it wrong,” she wrote.

“After her birth I was exhausted and my then partner filled out the paperwork with the help of a nurse while I was feeding the baby.

“I remember my partner saying ‘Eleanor, how do you spell that again?’ And the nurse replied with ‘I’ve got it.'”

However, the woman soon realised that the nurse spelled it phonetically on the paperwork, and it has “bothered [her] ever since.”

Initially, they decided to keep the name as her ex-partner liked the unusual spelling.

“I figured we could always just wait and see if she likes it…it does still bother me though.”

However, people in the comments were quick to give their sympathies, and pointed out how common the situation actually is.

“My husband’s middle name is Daniel, but is spelled ‘Denial,'” one wrote.

Another said that Keira Knightley’s name should be Kiera, but her parents misspelled it on the birth certificate.

The post also prompted many to speak out against the system in US hospitals:

“This is why nurses should not be filling out paperwork on behalf of patients,” one comment read.