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24th May 2022

Am I a bad dad for encouraging my daughter to be a housewife?

Kat O'Connor

Neighbours claimed the dad is “damaging” his daughter.

One dad is feeling conflicted over encouraging his daughter to be a housewife.

He explained that his little girl was playing pretend and one of the jobs she picked was a housewife.

The single dad said he’s worried he is encouraging her to follow societal norms, rather than pursuing her dreams.

He explained, “My daughter is at that stage where kids pretend they are grown-ups with jobs. The jobs differ depending on who she meets or sees in the TV.”

In the last few months, his little girl has pretended to be a teacher, president, truck driver, babysitter, photographer, and garbage collector.

She also became a ‘knee doctor’ after her father hurt himself.

“I try to play along with every job she wants to do and buy her the required tools for it if I could afford it.”

Last weekend, a family friend was visiting the dad and his daughter. The little girl asked her what she worked as and the woman told her she was a housewife.

“For the whole afternoon, my daughter kept interrogating her.”

“After my friend left all my daughter wants to do since then is to be a housewife.”

The dad said she already has three pretend kids. She helps them with homework, cooks for them, and even teaches them manners.

It may all seem very sweet, but when the little girl and her dad met the neighbours they were less than impressed.

“Yesterday we were coming back from the grocery store when we met some neighbours, they started talking with her when she told them she just came back from the grocery store to make dinner for her husband and children.

“They gave me some weird looks and said goodbye.”

Hours after the encounter, the neighbours showed up at their house. They wanted to have a discussion about what the man’s daughter had said.

“After I explained what’s happening, they gave me a one-hour lecture about how stupid and ignorant I was.

They also told the dad to stop  “encouraging this because I was damaging my daughter”.

The neighbours even told him we weren’t in the 60s anymore and no girl should dream about being a housewife.

“They demanded I stop brainwashing my daughter because her subconscious will start settling for being a housewife instead of dreaming about bigger things.”

The dad admitted he hasn’t slept since the incident.

“I had my daughter when I was 19 and now I am 24, her mom wants nothing to do with her.

“Every day has been a struggle and most of the time I don’t even know if what I am doing is right so the thought of unintentionally hurting my daughter is filling me with guilt.”

Do you think he is in the wrong? Or should the neighbours mind their own business?