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09th Jan 2024

‘I refused to let a dad take my expensive plane seat to sit with his little girl’

Nina McLaughlin

‘They were giving me dirty looks throughout the whole flight.’

A 22-year-old has caused a stir by refusing to give up her plane seat so that a father could sit with his little girl.

She took to Reddit to explain the situation in a now-deleted post, and ask others whether they believed she was in the wrong.

“I was on a flight yesterday and noticed someone in my seat,” she began.

“A man was sitting next to his wife and daughter. I kindly asked him to move as he was sitting in the seat I specifically booked and paid more for (I’m mostly comfortable sitting in aisle seats).

“He refused to move and told me to move to his seat which was a middle seat. I told him I don’t do middle seats and he got mad, telling me over and over again that he was sitting next to family and that the airline had messed up his seating. A flight attendant came over and ‘forced’ him to move to his seat.

“Here’s why I feel like the a**hole: It was a very short flight (less than two hours) and his daughter looked really sad that her dad wouldn’t be sitting near her, even though she had her mother sitting there with her.

“They were also giving me dirty looks throughout the whole flight,” she concluded.

The post’s discussion section is full of debate from people weighing up who was in the wrong.

“You should’ve let the dad stay with his family. I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong for this. The flight was short,” one person wrote

“You booked a specific seat for a reason. They could have booked other seats. It was a short flight, so even if the little girl was sad, it’s not like she was without her dad for a long period of time,” another argued.

While a third said: “You booked aisle seat specifically and he was rude. He probably thought he could bully you into the switch because you are young. He could have asked at the gate before boarding if there were seats together.”

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