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29th Mar 2022

Is it wrong to be disappointed with my Mother’s Day gifts?

Kat O'Connor

This mum was not happy with her Mother’s Day pressies.

We can all agree that some men just aren’t the best gift-givers.

We’ve been given our fair share of absolutely bizarre gifts over the years.

But we accept the socks with strawberries on them and the fuschia coloured boots and grin and say thank you.

However, one mum said she was super upset with her Mother’s Day gifts this year.

She said her husband made hardly any effort and it has left her feeling pretty hurt.

But is the day all about the gifts?

She explained to Mumsnet that she is a mum to a toddler. She is also expecting her second child and is currently overdue.

“My husband has basically made zero effort.”

She explained that she wanted to go for a nice lunch, but he failed to book anything.

She said he gave her a watering can and an empty picture frame for Mother’s Day.

The watering can has been “sat in the car boot for a month and I’ve seen it every time I open it”.

The mum also already has one.

Mother's Day

“No flowers, no breakfast, no cup of tea, no taking toddler so I can have a lie-in.

She admitted that she hoped he would have made an effort because her pregnancy has been quite tough.

“I have been quite unwell, now very uncomfortable and overdue.

Her husband didn’t book anything in case their baby arrived, but she said a little fuss would have cheered her up a lot.

The mum said she understands that many people don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, but she made a huge deal for her husband on Father’s Day and feels hurt that he didn’t do the same.

“He knows that I wanted at least some fuss given that I’m feeling miserable and huge.”

The woman’s husband has since apologised, but she said she feels so overlooked and upset.

How would you feel in her shoes?