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29th Jan 2024

Mum baffled as school assistant changes daughter’s hairstyle without asking permission

Nina McLaughlin

A mum has been left in shock after a school assistant changed her daughter’s hairstyle

In a post on Mumsnet, she explained that she had sent her kid to school with her thick wavy hair in two bunches.

However, when she saw her daughter after school, her hair had been redone and had been braided into two plaits.

“When I picked her up from school, she had two low plaits in, I didn’t notice for ages and until she was in the car and only then as it was different to how I do it and then I remembered her hair in the morning,” she wrote on the forum.

“I asked [my daughter] why her hair had changed and she said the assistant called her over after lunch when she was playing with her friend and took her hair out and put two plaits in.”

The mum explained that she feared it may have been due to nits, but she concluded that this was unlikely.

“My first thought was nits maybe, but we always get informed by the teacher that day, plus an email goes out.”

So, there was only one question left to ask: “Did she just not like the style?”

Fellow Mumsnet users have given their two cents on the situation.

Most concluded that they thought the most likely scenario was that her 5-year-old’s bunches had fallen out, and the assistant plaited her hair in response to that.

One person wrote: “I work in a primary school and would never do this. Seems odd. Only thing I can think of was it was in her face and she mentioned it was annoying her. I think that’s the only reason I would touch a child’s hair!”

A second commented: “Probably one bunch came out. 5 year olds are not reliable narrators. At our primary everyone should have their hair up.” 

While a third said:  “Was some of it hanging loose? Lots of schools don’t like long hair hanging down, it’s can get stuck in stuff and yes, nits!”