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19th Aug 2023

Parents are divided about cracking egg trend on TikTok

Surprisingly, this isn’t the weirdest trend we’ve seen on TikTok.

A new trend on the video platform has sent parents into a frenzy about whether it is just a harmless prank or a damaging parenting move.

The ‘Egg Crack’ trend sees parents inviting their little ones to bake or prepare eggs with them only to then crack the egg on their heads without any warning.

While many believe it’s just a bit of fun, others have been finger-wagging that it’s traumatising or just plain mean, as many videos show have shown children bursting into tears upon the egg cracking.

The trend has amassed millions of views on TikTok, with a mixed response from both children and users in the comments section.

While many older children are able to take it on the chin and even laugh or curse at their parent after having an egg cracked on their head, younger children are being shown to have upset or bewildered reactions to it.

@kynziflore Egg crack challange ? *no kids got hurt in the making of this video* ?? #fyp #eggcrackchallenge ♬ original sound – Kynzi

This has resulted in TikTok users on opposing sides of the cracking egg trend in the comments section under this parent’s attempt at the prank, which has been watched by 4.5 million users..

“Poor thing. She looked really excited to cook with you too. You were the only one laughing. Poor baby,” one wrote.

“awwwww nooooo. that’s not fair poor little baby. her little and shy face broke my heart,” another said.

“and that’s how you lose trust,” one typed.

Meanwhile, they are some who believe the trend is just a harmless joke and a bit of fun.

“Your daughter is precious. Has a great sense of humour,” one user decided.

While another thought it was so funny they were going to try out the trend on their own child, “Lmao I’m defiantly [sic] doing this with my son because I know his reaction is going to be epic.”

Another video, with an older child, has seen users take the trend a lot more lightheartedly as she exclaims ‘ what the hell’ when the egg is cracked on her head.

@ruhhchacha Yall asked. I delivered. You wont be disappointed ?☠️ #eggchallenge #crackingeggs #egg #crackingeggchallenge #funny #toddler #toddlersoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Rachel Marie ?

“I love the look on her face and what she said LOL,” one wrote.

“the reactions of all the kids is so unbelievable [sic] different w each of them. but your daughter’s is the best,” another said.

While the trend has been gathering momentum, it has been met with backlash about how the users parent their children.

User @baldnewsnetwork took the app to discuss this trend, saying that some children are too young to be on the receiving end of being blindsided this way.

“That’s a little kid. Why would you do something like that?,” he asks as a clip of a little girl crying over the shock plays.

@baldnewsnetwork #mom #dad #kids #parenting #foryou ♬ Sad and lonely – MoppySound

“This is modern parenting on TikTok. The person you trust the most hurting you,” he continues.

“Parents are cracking eggs on their babies. Over the age of five, fine, and if they agree to it. But these parents who are desperate for clout saw a trend where ‘Oh, we can crack eggs on our kids and make money. As a dad, I’m both shocked and disgusted,” the video poster concludes.

What are your thoughts on the trend? Do you think it depends on their age and personality?