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25th Sep 2023

Newborn hack: Specialist reveals quick way to soothe a fussy baby and parents say ‘it works’


A specialist in newborns who is also a pre/postnatal chiropractor has demonstrated a quick fix for fussy babies.

New mums can often feel overwhelmed in the first few days of motherhood as they work to learn the language of their little one.

Babies can become fussy for a whole host of reasons, but when you’ve tried all avenues to ease their crying – feeding, burping etc – Dr. Jen Rousseau has the solution.

Taking to her TikTok page, which is full of tips and tricks for new mums and dads, she posted a short video showing parents exactly what to do.

She coined it the ‘guppy’ position, where you support the head, neck and spine of your baby, and add a soothing hush sound as you move them gently in a bouncing motion against your chest.

Take a look for yourself here:

@kydkyronashville♬ original sound – Kyd Kyro | Dr. Rousseau

Parents who have tried the method took to the comments to let others know that it actually works for some babies.

One person wrote: “It works!! That’s my go-to move.”

Another said: “This was the best trick I used to burp my colic baby too. I bounced him like this on my belly, and he would be so calm.”

A third added: “I used to do that with my children, it works!”