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06th Jun 2024

Teen discovers family hired actor to be his best friend for a decade

Nina McLaughlin

“What in the Truman Show is this dude?”

A teenager has left people stunned after telling the story of how a member of his family hired an actor to be his best friend.

Lawson Spolansky took to TikTok to share his tale, saying that he is “finally ready to share with you this horrific story.”

Back when he was a 5-year-old in 2012, Spolansky’s aunt said he needed to “become a better man”.

Shortly after, he explained how he fell off the monkey bars in a playground, and was ridiculed by a boy he called “Dexter”.

However, Dexter’s mum came and helped bandage him up while his nanny was preoccupied elsewhere.

Surprisingly, Spolansky ended up sat next to Dexter months later when he started school.

Over a period of time, the pair grew close and by 2018 Dexter had invited him on a trip to California’s Universal Studios.

The holiday ended up being cancelled, but Spolansky grew suspicious after he spied a photo of his aunt in California alongside Dexter and his mum.

By 2021, Spolansky had entered into his first relationship with the boy who cleaned Dexter’s pool at home, and he revealed something that he overheard.

He said that he heard Dexter’s mum explaining to someone how Spolansky’s aunt hired Dexter to become friends with him, and that his manager was even playing the role of his mother.

Plus, Spolansky’s ‘therapist’ even turned out to be the sister of Dexter’s manager.

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“So now I’m left broken, [with] a severe amount of trust issues and I feel like I never really went anywhere,” Spolansky concluded.

Viewers responded to the wild story in the comments section of the TikTok, and people were truly left stunned.

“What in the Truman Show is this dude, omg that is insane,” one person wrote.

A second said: “I hope you reported the therapist for ethics violations. I’m sorry you went through this.”

A third penned: “I can’t believe they let it go on that long either???”