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24th Jan 2024

TikToker sparks outrage after piercing daughter’s ears, claiming ‘her pain was worth it’


“Sometimes being a mum hurts.”

A TikToker has sparked outrage after sharing a video of her 2-month-old daughter getting her ears pierced.

The mum, who’s TikTok account is @queennn_cee, showed her baby dressed in an all-pink outfit sat on a man’s lap.

The text across the clip reveals that her daughter is just 2 months old as she is sat there while the woman prepares to piece her ears.

@queennn_cee Sometimes Being A Mother Hurts ❤️‍🩹 #babyearpierced #babyearrings #babyearspierced #iloveyoubaby #myhearthurts #beautiful #motherhood ♬ original sound – Queennn.cee

When she gets one done, she bursts into tears, and the mum writes over the video: “My heart hurts.”

As the baby gets the second one pierced, she remains crying, but the mum writes: “Worth the pain my little queen.”

She captioned the video: “Sometimes being a mother hurts.”

The video sparked backlash from viewers

The comments section of the clip is full of people debating the ethics of piercing the little one’s ears.

“That is so so messed up to do that to a little newborn baby,” one person wrote.

A second said: “Too young to do that!”

A third put: “What a cruel thing to do.”

However, others defended the mum’s choice to pierce her daughter’s ears so young.

One wrote: “Y’all actin like its giving her fatal injuries – babies cry all the time, as long as its not constantly hurting her, I see no problem.”

“Y’all it’s not messed up I got mine pierced at 2 months old too and I’m so glad for it,” another said.

While a third put: “It hurts at any age for a child.”