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01st Apr 2024

‘We put our baby up for adoption after three months because we’re too busy working’


The internet has been left shocked by one couple’s decision to put their daughter up for adoption

A husband anonymously took to Reddit to explain the situation that led to them putting their daughter up for adoption after just three months.

He explained in a post on Reddit that his wife, whom he called Catherine, was not interested in their daughter Elizabeth, and that she had returned to work two weeks after giving birth.

The dad explained that Elizabeth had made their lives ‘miserable’ as they are both ‘workaholics’, and that Catherine’s mum has been doing a bulk of the childcare as she lives with them.

He said that his wife would only go near Elizabeth when it was clear she was in need, and would generally avoid her if she was crying.

After three months they decided to put their daughter up for adoption, he explained.

“I can remember life without my daughter. I struggle to remember life without my wife,” he wrote.

“I love my daughter, don’t get me wrong, and adopting her out would be no easy feat. But keeping her could make my wife miserable – is, actually, making her miserable.”

He added: “What I want ultimately is whatever is best for Catherine and for Elizabeth, and I honestly think this may be the best option for everyone.” 

Catherine’s mum decided to adopt the child after they made the decision, but Redditors remained shocked by his story.

One person responded: “These people sound like robots, or aliens trying out human life. Who in their right mind creates a whole sentient life, does a few months of work to raise them, and then just says ‘eh it’s not for us’?”

While a second said: “Basically treated the abandonment of their child as a transactional exchange between two parties.” 

However, a third revealed that it is stories like this one that is one of the reasons why they never had kids.

“This is my worst fear about having children. But this is also why I never had any and use two forms of birth control at all times,” they commented.

“I was a planned child who was neglected and it still baffles me what my mother was thinking. The lack of guilt here is what’s getting me. I have shown more emotion than this saying goodbye to dogs I’ve fostered for a few days.”