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12th Jul 2023

‘My boyfriend says our relationship is over unless I put my child up for adoption’

Sophie Collins


A woman has taken to the internet to ask for advice after her partner threatened to end their relationship unless she put her three-year-old daughter up for adoption.

The 38-year-old woman who doesn’t reveal her name explained to readers that she had met who she believed to be her dream man.

She said she has a daughter from a previous relationship, and her new flame has insisted that he will not raise another man’s child – particularly because she was born out of wedlock.

The mum reassured people that she would never put her daughter up for adoption but said she still wants to be with this new man, who is 32.

Despite his disapproval of her child, the woman said he and the daughter have a wonderful relationship and that she and the 32-year-old have ‘amazing chemistry’.

She said in recent weeks, the man suddenly became ‘distant’ and told her during a discussion that she was ‘broken’.

She wrote: “He’s a great communicator and so when I asked him if we could have a conversation and touch base with how we are both feeling, he agreed to have a conversation.”

He said that because her daughter was born out of wedlock and contact with the child’s father was rare, he felt her life was in a ‘mess’ he didn’t ‘deserve to deal with.’

She continued: “Unless I allow my sister or a close family member who I trust to adopt my daughter, so that I can still see her, just not daily.

“He also told me that if I didn’t have a kid that he would commit and start a life with me. I feel as if I am in emotional shock right now, almost like someone who I really loved died.


“My daughter is innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, she also became really attached to him and the fact that he just wants to get rid of her is shocking, indicating that he couldn’t care less about her.

“I still have hope that I can possibly convince him to accept my daughter and continue his life with me, but right now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Understandably, more than 5,000 people chimed in with their opinion on the situation, and a lot of people were left outraged by the man’s audacity to suggest giving up a child.

One Reddit user thought the fact that she hadn’t booted him out the door yet was strange and asked: “He said he wanted you to give away your child and you’re still trying to make it work?”

Another person insisted: “If this is your dream partner you might want to set your aspirations a little higher.”

While a third added: “Seriously! I don’t understand how someone can be a “dream partner” when they call you broken, judge you for your past, and ask you to get rid of your child.

“I don’t even have a kid, but if I did, and someone said that to me I would drop them immediately.”

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