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12th Jul 2023

‘My four year old is asking for a bra – should I get her one?’

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Typically, young girls begin wearing bras when puberty starts, which can be as early as eight years old.

So it came as a massive shock when one mum was asked by her four-year-old if she could start wearing bras.

The question was posed after her daughter was told by a friend in preschool that they make bras for kids, and that her friend wears one so she wants one.

But after pushing her daughter further on the topic, the true reason for wanting to wear a bra was much more heartbreaking – her daughter revealed she didn’t want her nipples to show.

The mum wrote on Reddit: “Our family is divided on whether she should be allowed to have one. I (mom) think she can have a sports bra and its no big deal. My mom thinks its absolutely inappropriate/immediately no. Child’s dad said he doesn’t think she should have one.”

Seeing it as nothing more than a piece of clothing, the mum wants to allow her to wear one but is torn as she doesn’t want her daughter to believe that her nipples are something to be ashamed of.

After asking for advice on the topic, one of her peers online said: “When my daughter was in preschool, she walked into the classroom and asked her teacher, “hey Mrs.Name! Want to see my brawl?” And pulled up her shirt to show her spaghetti strapped tank top. Maybe take the definition of “kid bra” with a grain of salt and she might want a tank top.”

Another said: “I was 5ish when I asked for one. My mom got me a camisole and a training bra, and told me there were different kinds, and different people liked different things. I wore the camisole way more often, because it was so much more comfortable, but even then it was only a few times a month.”