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12th Jul 2023

Missing 9-month-old miraculously found alive in car after 14 hours

A missing 9-month-old baby was miraculously found alive in a car after 14 hours.

The infant was kidnapped on Monday, July 10th in Alabama. Her family alerted the police after her father’s car was stolen from outside a friend’s home shortly before 7 pm.

The dad reportedly popped into a friend’s house before the car was stolen. The nine-month-old baby was in the car when it was stolen.

Witnesses spotted a car leaving the area at high speed, but it was later discovered in vegetation after 14 hours.

An Amber alert was issued when the dad returned to find both the car and his daughter missing.

Baby Harlow Freeman was in her car seat when police discovered the vehicle.

She was left in the car for hours but survived because one of the windows was broken and helped ventilate the car.

The infant was dehydrated but in good condition when police found her.

She will reportedly be perfectly fine following the incident and does not require any medical treatment.

The Parish Police Department issued a statement following the discovery of the car and baby Harlow.

They said, “The child has been found safe.”

“The Parrish Police Department is on the scene of a 9-month-old child that was kidnapped at approximately 6:50 pm. from a residence on Crest Avenue in Parrish.”