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01st Feb 2018

This hotel has been voted the best in Ireland… and we want to visit ASAP


Olivia Hayes

Ireland is stunning.

And sometimes, many of us don’t take in the beautiful sites of our country.

Just think of the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry and the Beara Peninsula. Class.

Well, TripAdvisor has rolled out its awards, and 25 hotels in Ireland have been voted as the best of the best.

The Killarney Park Hotel is not only number one here in Ireland but it was also crowned 5th place in the best hotels in Europe category.

Fab locations, fab scenery, fab hotels… We definitely need to book a trip around Ireland soon.

Here are the top 25 hotels in Ireland:

  1. The Killarney Park Hotel, Kerry
  2. Harvey’s Point, Donegal Town
  3. Ashford Castle, Mayo
  4. Hayfield Manor Hotel, Cork
  5. Ballygarry House Hotel & Spa, Kerry
  6. The Merrion Hotel, Dublin
  7. Castle Durrow, Laois
  8. Dromoland Castle Hotel, Clare
  9. Villa Rose Hotel, Donegal
  10. Absolute Hotel, Limerick
  11. The Marker Hotel, Dublin
  12. Shandon Hotel & Spa, Donegal
  13. Killarney Royal, Kerry
  14. International Hotel Killarney, Kerry
  15. Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin
  16. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Galway
  17. Dunmore House Hotel, Cork
  18. Westport Plaza Hotel, Mayo
  19. Rathmullan House, Donegal
  20. The River Lee, Cork
  21. Lake Hotel, Kerry
  22. Ariel House, Dublin
  23. The Europe Hotel & Resort, Kerry
  24. Manor West Hotel, Kerry
  25. Castle Leslie Estate, Monaghan