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22nd Apr 2016

Two Year Old Blames Batman For Naughty Behaviour (And We Love Him For It!)

Sharyn Hayden

All kids will tell little fibs from time to time.

There are the little white lies; ‘I didn’t hit my sister’ (when you’ve clearly just seen him hit his sister).

There are the ones that cause problems; ‘I DID wipe my bum!’ (when you can see them scratching their bum and you know that they haven’t wiped properly – ewwww!).

And then there are the hilarious ones.

The ‘I don’t know where the chocolate is’ when their face, hands and your sitting room walls are covered in chocolate – but still, they insist!

This little man might win the prize for best fib ever though.

Check out the mess he made of his mum’s mirror and his POKER FACE as he blatantly tells mum, ‘Batman did it’.

What a little legend!

What’s the funniest fib your kids have ever told you? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!