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07th Oct 2021

UK gang used Game Boy-style device to unlock and rob cars

Laura Grainger

The device looks like a game console, but can unlock and start a car “in a matter of seconds.”

A gang in the UK stole cars worth £180,000 using a device disguised as a Nintendo Game Boy console.

Three Yorkshire men used the device, worth £20,000, to unlock and rob five Mitsubishi Outlanders.

Dylan Armer, 29, Christopher Bowes, 33, and Thomas Poulson, 31, were arrested after CCTV footage showed them steal a Mitsubishi Outlander from a driveway back in July.

The trio unplugged the car from its charging point before using the Game Boy-style gadget to unlock and start it.

Police later found the device, which they say can unlock and start a car “in a matter of seconds,” hidden in a secret compartment of gang’s car.

According to the BBC, West Yorkshire Police said footage on Poulson’s phone showed him demonstrating “how quickly and easily the gadget gave them full access to the vehicles, accompanied by a commentary in mocking tones.”

The force also suggested that the “significant investment required to buy one of the sophisticated devices” pointed to the thefts being “planned and orchestrated crimes.”

All three men were jailed at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to steal.