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20th Aug 2022

School called out for stopping parents from buying generic uniforms

“It makes my life harder”

A primary school in Munster has been called out after introducing crested uniforms.

Parents are reportedly furious over the expensive decision as it has made generic uniforms unavailable.

It is believed the new uniform will cost around €70 per child.

According to, parents are shocked by the inappropriate decision.

They said that they are already under financial pressure, but the school doesn’t seem to care or understand.

An anonymous parent told the publication that the Munster school wants to modernise its uniform.

However, the controversial change has upset many parents.

One told “How in the name of God does doing the same thing in a different colour modernise the uniform?”

“The generic ones are not only cheaper but much better, they can go in the dryer while the woolly jumper can’t. So I’m paying extra to get the crested jumper, and it makes my life harder.”

The parent added, “There’s no benefit except for having a crest on the school jumper or tracksuit.”

Generic uniforms are reportedly not allowed, the parent shared.

The back-to-school season may be months away, but parents are already stressing out about the cost.

Last week, TD Jennifer Whitmore called on the Government to offer more financial support to parents. She stressed that the pressure they’re facing amid the cost of living crisis is too much to handle.

She told the Irish Daily Mail, “While you have social welfare measures, there is a huge number of people that are working who do not get any respite. More people need to be helped.”

Parents with children in secondary school are spending nearly €1500 a year per student. Primary school pupils are forking out €1200 a year per pupil.

Do you think the school is in the wrong?

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