Calls to scrap school uniforms in a bid to help families financially 4 months ago

Calls to scrap school uniforms in a bid to help families financially

Is it time to get rid of school uniforms?

Many parents believe it is time to scrap the uniform and let children wear their own clothes to school. As more and more families struggle with the rising cost of living, wouldn't scrapping uniforms help lower the back-to-school bill?

One father said getting rid of uniforms would help so many parents.

He told Newstalk that he has already spent €600 on back-to-school supplies.

The dad said replacing uniforms with regular clothes would cut the back-to-school costs.

"It’s time for no uniforms," he said.

“This topic comes up every year; I went to a school with no uniforms, and my children never had uniforms.


“No one ever complained about it and no one ever talks about it," he shared.

But many parents believe having a uniform is a better idea because every child is equal. Many fear scrapping them would leave many children feeling left out if they don't follow the latest fashion trends or if their clothes aren't new enough.

But surely something has to give? Parents are spending nearly €1200 on primary school children and €1500 on secondary school children. It is an expense many can't afford, but parents have no choice but to find the money. Many are going into debt because of the extreme costs.

Mary Lou McDonald recently called on the Government to do more to help struggling families ahead of the new school year in September. McDonald stressed that so many middle-income families are being left behind by the Government. People earning an average of €621 a week aren't receiving any financial support, like the Back-To-School Allowance. McDonald said this scheme needs to be extended to more families because far too many parents/guardians are struggling to stay afloat during back-to-school season.