Vogue Williams' image used to sell "bullsh*t" diet products 1 year ago

Vogue Williams' image used to sell "bullsh*t" diet products

"I do not endorse any kind of weight loss product."

Vogue Williams has spoken out after she received online links of people using her image to sell weight-loss products.

The podcast host and model denied any association with the accounts and the products. She also told her followers not to trust any weight-loss quick fixes, and said that she would never endorse such a "bullshit" product.

Taking to her Instagram story on Monday, she cleared the air, and urged her fans to be cautious with any weight-loss products.

"Thanks to everyone sending me on the links to people using my image," she wrote. "I do not endorse any kind of weight loss product. They are bullshit and don’t work."

She continued: "Please do not buy under the assumption I think they’re great, they’re the absolute pits. I don’t diet, I try to be healthy but have everything in moderation. I love to train but don’t over do it!"


Vogue, her husband Spencer Matthews, and their three children Theodore, Gigi and Otto are all currently on holidays in Spain.

Earlier this week, Vogue defended herself against commenters on social media who criticised her for exercising on her holiday.

In her podcast – Spencer & Vogue – the model said: "My peek of the holiday was just hanging out with the kids all day and I love that we met our friends and got to train with them at Palm Rock Retreat.

"And for people slagging me because I'm training on holidays - now there's only been a couple that have been like 'Are you insane?'

"I love going and training for an hour on my holidays because I'm kid free and me and Spenny have such a laugh and a nice time."