Vogue Williams defends decision to have a nanny for her three kids 1 month ago

Vogue Williams defends decision to have a nanny for her three kids

"We love her"

Vogue Williams has defended her decision to have a nanny for her children.

One of her followers was questioning her childcare set up, but Vogue quipped back in the best way.

One fan asked, "Do you have a nanny?"

Vogue replied;

"I always get this question. Now I did consider leaving the kids on their own when I went to work, but I thought, "I might get in trouble for that," so we do have a nanny.'

"We love her," Vogue shared.

Earlier this year, the mum-of-three said she couldn't work if it wasn't for her children's nanny.


She said having a nanny has helped her a lot as a working mum.

Vogue said she has been hit with backlash over having a nanny, but doesn't see anything wrong with it.

She told her followers, "People are funny about having a nanny. It’s the same as your child being in a creche/nursery all day."

Vogue continued, "We wanted a nanny because I am home a lot so I spend as much time with the kids as possible between work."

“Then some days I can be out filming all day.

"My job is never the same, so I never know my schedule."

"I couldn’t work without her. The kids love her and we love her,” the presenter said.

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