"I want to spend all my time with them": Vogue Williams on suffering from mum guilt 2 months ago

"I want to spend all my time with them": Vogue Williams on suffering from mum guilt

Vogue Williams has opened up about suffering from mum guilt in an honest Instagram post. Mums have praised the presenter for being so honest about it.

Vogue recently shared that she always feels guilty for leaving her children, especially when she's travelling for work.

She told her followers that she's grateful for her career, but the 'mom guilt' is always there.

"Another day away from my little piggies, the mom guilt is REAL!

"I feel very lucky to do a job that I love and that also lets me spend good amounts of time with my babies but that guilt always creeps up on me."

Vogue said she wants to spend as much time as possible with her children, but she also wants to have a career too.

"I want to spend all my time with them but then I miss work then I’ll miss them then work than them," she explained.

"I’m off to Cork to film something fun, I should be happy I’m not being bossed around by kids all day!" she added.


Her followers praised her for being so honest about mum guilt because it is something that affects so many working parents.

One told her to stop being so hard on herself because she seems like a great mother.

Another added, "The mum guilt is real. So hard some days! You are doing a super job!! (Some days that's all we need to hear."

"You're a fantastic mom, with three beautiful children. Even though you travel for work, you spend time with them when you're back home. It doesn't stop the guilt, but you're doing the best that you can. They'll love you no matter what Vogue," another fan shared.

Vogue is a mum to two sons- Theodore and Otto and a daughter Gigi.

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