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02nd Feb 2024

Vogue Williams bravely speaks out about losing her father

Kat O'Connor

Vogue Williams sadly lost her dad in 2010

Podcast host, Vogue Williams has opened up about the guilt she felt after losing her father in 2010.

Vogue’s dad sadly passed away after he suffered a stroke when undergoing surgery to remove an aneurysm.

Her father, Freddie was only 68 years old at the time of his passing.

Vogue Williams spoke out about her dad’s passing during her appearance on Anna Richardson’s ‘It Can’t Just Be Me’ podcast.

She explained that she encouraged her father to get the elective surgery.

“He probably would have rather wait it out. We were just like, ‘Listen, there’s a chance here you’re gonna be totally fine you won’t have to worry, it’ll be gone’. And so he went and had the operation,” she said.

Vogue said she felt guilt for years after her dad sadly passed away.

“I felt guilt for, like for a good few years after it. I didn’t know that my aunty was trying to convince him to do it as well, so I thought I was convincing him to go for the operation, when then I was like, God, he could have had the summer.”

“I kind of felt like I had pushed him into it. So if I hadn’t then he might not have died,” she admitted.

Vogue has now come to terms with the loss and realised that there’s little she could’ve done to prevent it.

“I kind of feel like it’s it’s written down for everyone. When you’re going to go, I’m going to go and I’m 350,” she added.