Expecting women to "snap back" after pregnancy is unfair, says Vogue 10 months ago

Expecting women to "snap back" after pregnancy is unfair, says Vogue

Vogue Williams has spoken out about the pressure women face after having a baby.

The now mum-of-three said it is so wrong to expect mothers to "snap back" after having a child.

It's something so many women have to deal with, but that doesn't make it okay.

"Hopefully you'll fit into your old jeans soon."

"The baby fat will fall right off you."

"You'll be back to your 'normal' size soon enough."

Why does a new mum's appearance have to be scrutinised just weeks, and even days, after enduring childbirth?

It isn't a walk in the park or this beautiful, serene moment.

As Vogue said, a new mum should focus on caring for herself as well as her baby.


Who cares if your old jeans don't fit? So what if your stomach is bigger than it once was.

Your newborn isn't going to care so why does society.

Vogue stressed that we need to stop pressuring women to bounce back.

She believes the focus should be on recovering mentally and physically.

She told OK that she felt pressured to snap back after welcoming her son Theodore.

But now she couldn't care less.

“Definitely not now. Maybe with Theodore, I felt the pressure that I put on myself, but not now. You just need to look after yourself.

“Getting your pelvic floor back is more important, I think. I go on this special buzzing chair called the PelviPower, and it’s amazing.”

Vogue isn't in any hurry to go back to work either. She is planning on easing herself back into it.

"I’ll just see how I feel,” she added.

Vogue gave birth to her third child, a baby boy, earlier this month.