Vogue Williams' son, Theodore, just reached a pretty major baby milestone 2 years ago

Vogue Williams' son, Theodore, just reached a pretty major baby milestone

How exciting!

You may have realised by now, but we're kind of obsessed with Vogue Williams and her baby.

The Irish model, and her husband Spencer Matthews, welcomed baby Theodore in September of last year.

And needless to say, it has been a whirlwind for them ever since.

Being new parents is filled with exciting moments and milestones, and last week Vogue Williams experienced one of them.

It might seem minor to many, but to mums and dads, little things are amazing.

So, five days ago, baby Theodore sat up all on his own - which is pretty cool.

And wonderfully, Vogue shared the gorgeous moment with her instagram followers.


"All smiles for little T today... He sat up on his own for the first time this morning but is prone to toppling over, we’re almost there!"

How CUTE does he look?

This news comes the same week Vogue opened up about her sex life following the birth of her son.

She told  the Made by Mammas podcast that she worried she wouldn't enjoy sex so soon after having a baby.

“I think it’s not going to be that enjoyable," she admitted.

vogue williams

"I feel like I’m ready and I think because I didn’t have any stitches or anything like that it makes it a bit different.

“I am scared, it’s not like I’m like ‘Yay, we’re gonna have sex tonight!’ It’s like, ‘Oh God, I’m so scared’."

Vogue went on to say that she does miss being intimate with her husband, but that she felt the exact opposite way about sex towards the end of her pregnancy.

We love how honest and open she has been about life as a new mum!