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21st May 2019

Disney has just dropped the final trailer for Toy Story 4

Olivia Hayes

We’re so excited.

A brand new – and final – trailer for Toy Story 4 has officially landed… and guys, we’re feeling SO emotional.

The eagerly anticipated fourth movie in the Toy Story franchise will hit cinemas later this year (June, FYI). But until then, we have the trailers (there’s now two) to get us excited for it.

In this trailer we see all the characters back together again, with the addition of a Spork (yep, you read that right). Spork is young and the old toys needs to look out for him as they go on a road trip… but of course they lose him along the way.

An adventure ensues, and well… we’ll just let you watch the trailer yourself:

The studio said in a statement that while the gang will all be together again, Bo will play a bigger part in this one:

“This long-lost friend of Woody, Buzz and the gang always shared a special connection with Woody, but they have not seen each other in years, and Bo has become chipped and faded over time.”

“Bo’s strength and sarcasm always belied her delicate porcelain exterior, and it turns out she’s an adventure-seeking free spirit who feels right at home on the road.

“When she and Woody are reunited under unlikely circumstances, they realise they’ve grown worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy.”

We. Can’t. Wait.