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29th Jul 2015

WATCH: Lego helps this little boy in the most amazing way ever

Sophie White

A Lego product is in development that could help to remove the stigma of having a prosthetic limb for children.

Designer, Carlos Torres, recently used a 6-month internship with Lego to create a new type of lego-compatible prosthetic, Iko, that puts the ‘fun’ into functionality.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.50.06

He teamed up with 8-year-old, Dario, who has a congenital condition that has left him without a right arm. Torres saw huge potential in creating cool “hackable” prosthetics that could help to remove social barriers that children with prosthetics can face.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.50.23

“Before making a Lego spaceship that could attach to Iko, Torres asked one of Dario’s friends how he perceived Dario’s condition. The friend replied that he felt bad for Dario. After the spaceship hand went live and the boys played for the afternoon, Torres says he asked the friend the same question: “He said, ‘I want one of those.”

Watch Dario explore his new arm in this fascinating video.

Visit CarlosIdea for more of the designer’s work.