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09th Oct 2018

What Meghan said about her first date with Harry actually makes us really like her

Cathy Donohue

Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s very first date.

It’s completely normal to be nervous after a first date and also have major butterflies wondering how it went and if the other person is feeling the same vibe as you.

This can be a bit unnerving because if you like them, you want to know if they like you too and similarly if it’s the other way around.

It turns out that Meghan Markle felt a bit like this after her and Prince Harry’s first date, cute.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton described their first date in his book Meghan: A Royal Princess and apparently, it was “intoxicating”.

Their first date took place in London with Harry staying at Kensington Palace and Meghan in a Soho hotel and after their first date, they agreed to meet again the next day.


However, in the book, Andrew says that Meghan later wondered if perhaps she had been too “eager” and if she should have waited before going for a second date with the prince.

Morton said both were “buzzing” after it and honestly, they’re just too cute.

It doesn’t look like that was a problem as the relationship went from strength to strength and they managed to keep things going long-distance, with Meghan living in Canada and Harry based in London.

They touched on the ins and outs of things and how they managed to make things work in their engagement interview, which was televised on BBC.

Just a month after their first date, they went on a romantic holiday, a safari in Botswana, with Meghan’s engagement ring later featuring a diamond from Botswana, nice touch Harry!

They announced their engagement at the end of last year and married in May of this year and the royal fairytale is going strong.

Harry and Meghan's wedding