This Irish Mammy Is The New Queen Of WhatsApp 5 years ago

This Irish Mammy Is The New Queen Of WhatsApp

Like many other people, we have a family WhatsApp group and it is HILARIOUS.

My parents both have had smartphones for a couple of years now and the only 'smart' thing they really use it for is to keep up with family news on WhatsApp.

One of my brothers lives in the UK with his wife and kids and another lives in Abu Dhabi with his partner, so we keep each other updated as much as we can, mostly on how all the grandkids are doing, sharing pics and vids.

My dad has an unbelievably advanced grasp of emojis that leave us rolling in the aisles laughing sometimes. I mean, they are SO advanced, we've no idea what they actually mean;


My mam, on the other hand, replies to messages so old, we never have a clue what she's referring to.

"Great news, you must be so happy!" she'll type, after one of my brothers has uploaded seven photos of his kid.

"What?!" we'll all message back, one by one, trying to figure out which of us she's even talking to.

"Noel and Shannon are getting married", she'll reply (three hours later).


Yeah mum, a month ago!!

Cue several lines of face palm monkeys.

The parental technology challenge is real.

This Twitter user, however, may have the coolest mum on WhatsApp ever.

Dave McGinn posted a screen grab to his account of the first exchange between him and his mam when he added her to their family WhatsApp group;

He got OWNED.

Love it, keep up the good work mum!

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