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28th Jun 2021

Woman who killed abusive husband walks free

Kat O'Connor

‘A living hell’

A Frenchwoman has been freed from prison after she was found guilty of killing her abusive husband.

Valérie Bacot revealed she was abused and raped by her husband for decades in her book ‘Tout Le Monde Savait’.

The trial garnered major attention in France with 700,000 people signing a petition calling for Bacot not to be sent to prison, BBC reports.

The judge sentenced her to four years, one of which she had already served, but suspended the further three years.

Bacot shot her abusive husband Daniel Polette in 2016, but stressed that it was an act of self-defence. Her children helped her bury Polette’s body, which she revealed in her best-selling book.

Polette, who was previously married to Bacot’s mother, first raped her at the mere age of 12. She got pregnant with his child when she was 17, which resulted in her mother throwing her out of their family home.

She then moved in with Polette and spent the next 18 years with him and stated that it was like a living “hell”.

He forced Bacot to prostitute herself, threatened to assault her daughter and even threatened to kill Bacot herself.

The prosecutor understood that sending Valérie Bacot to prison would only cause further trauma and distress for her children, but acknowledged that the murder of Polette was premeditated.


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