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11th Nov 2015

Woman tells those complaining about the M50 traffic this morning to “wise up” in moving Facebook post


Today a lot of people were affected by the traffic and disruptions caused by a serious accident on the M50.

But one woman has drawn attention to the fact that being a few minutes late for work is nothing when compared to the fact that a 47-year-old woman was rushed to hospital in critical condition following the crash.

Lisa Marie, who sadly lost her father four months ago due to a road accident, took to Facebook to tell those who were complaining about the traffic to think of the woman’s family and friends.

“The whole city it seems has nothing more to care about than pissing and moaning about the traffic and how late they will be,” she wrote.

“So wise up, we don’t know who this poor woman is, her family could be on your fiends list and see your pathetic dribble about the traffic chaos. Be smart and think of others before yourself. I speak from first hand experience.

“Show some decency!!!! Take a second to send love and strength to this woman and her family and be grateful you will get to where you going, just maybe a little late.”

Check out the full post, which has received over 7,000 ‘Likes’ and been shared over 1,5000 times, below.

I’m rarely confrontational as anyone who knows me will agree. But a woman this morning is fighting for her life in a…

Posted by Lisa Marie on Wednesday, 11 November 2015