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12th Jun 2018

Women affected by cervical scandal set to be compensated

Rebecca O'Keeffe

cervical scandal

An inquiry into the scandal has been conducted.

Earlier this afternoon it was announced that the 209 women affected by the cervical scandal will be compensated.

According to The Independent “an immediate ex gratia” payment of €2000 will be given to every woman impacted.

Furthermore, the next-of-kin of those who have passed away will receive the payment.

The six recommendations included in the first report of the Scally Inquiry are as follows;

Among those receiving this once-off payment is Vicky Phelan, who publicly came out about her misdiagnosis.

cervical scandal

Minister for Health, Simon Harris, spoke today about the compensation surrounding the cervical scandal.

This compensation comes after Dr Gabriel Scally conducted an inquiry surrounding the cervical scandal.

As a result of Dr Scally’s inquiry, a number of other recommendations have been made.

cervical scandal

Minister Harris tweeted the recommendations of the inquiry today, and listed the recommendations:

  • The Provision of a more comprehensive guide to the CervicalCheck screening programme online.
  • That the information statements provided to women about the limitations of the tests should be more explicit about the possible reasons why screening might miss abnormalities.
  • That the information for women accompanying the consent form should guarantee that they will have full and open access to their cervical screening record on request.

In conclusion, Simon Harris said:

“Dr Scally has assured me that he will continue to provide reports as they are completed so that we can continue to provide answers as soon as they are established.”