A 'worrying' bridal trend is becoming far too common 11 months ago

A 'worrying' bridal trend is becoming far too common

This needs to stop.

Brides, and brides-to-be, will be all too familiar with the pressure being put on them to lose weight for their wedding. It's hard enough not to worry about how you will look on the day, without being asked by others what kind of diet you're on.

As if to say, you should be. I wrote about this in the run-up to my wedding last year.

And now it seems there's an even more worrying trend that revolves around weight loss and weddings. A new survey has found that more and more brides are asking their bridal party to lose weight.

'Will you be my bridesmaid?', is quickly followed by, 'Will you lose a few pounds while you're at it?'

Kadee Bride commisioned the survey which found that 72percent of brides feel pressure to lose weight, while 10percent put pressure on their bridesmaids to do the same.

Speaking about the survey findings, co-owner of Kadee Bride, Dee Shine said:

"This stat comes as no shock to me as the majority of our brides at their first fitting will discuss what their dress will look like in a few months time when they’ve lost weight, with most telling us they plan to drop a least a dress size before the big day. We have noticed this trend creeping in over the years, and as a result our designers have been making dresses that will flatter any figure and make you look slimmer without having to lose weight."

Commenting on the new trend, she says, "A new worrying trend however is the expectation for members of the bridal party to follow suit when it comes to weight loss. This has been creeping in and unfortunately is on the rise.”

Absolute madness.