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14th Aug 2018

The weather is going to continue being super humid for the rest of the week

Jade Hayden


OK, maybe not the worst ever. It’s not going to be a blizzard or anything, but it is going to be humid as f*ck – and we just can’t be dealing with it, tbh.

Walk approximately eight metres down the street in regular clothing and you will be struck with an intense wall of luke warm air that cannot and will not be alleviated by neither breeze nor sun.

It’s just hot out. There’s nothing good about it. We hate it.

And it looks like the stupid humidity is only set to continue across the country for the rest of the week with temperatures reaching the high teens in lots of places, with a severe lack of sunshine or cool breezes in most places.

While there will be a few rainy spells and coolness in a few spots, there won’t be enough to keep us sufficiently cool or baking in the hot sun, so honestly why bother?

According to Met Eireann, the rest of the week is going to be “mild overall” with temperatures settled at around the high teens leading up the weekend.

So humid. So, so humid.

It’s not all going to painfully uncomfortable though, because the west will receive some heavy showers over the weekend so at least there’s that.

For the rest of us though, there is no escape from the mildness.