As a busy mum, I just don't have time for getting glammed up on Christmas Day 1 month ago

As a busy mum, I just don't have time for getting glammed up on Christmas Day

As fellow mums will know, Christmas Day is absolute mayhem.

The food has to be prepared, the table needs to be set and of course, you'll spend half the day tidying away toys.

For a long time, getting glammed up used to be on that list. I would spend ages putting together the perfect outfit along with hair and make-up but no, not this year.

I'm calling time on getting all dolled up on Christmas Day.

When I first started dating my husband, I was shocked that he never got dressed up for Christmas.

As a child, I would get a new set of clothes to wear on Christmas Day and another for St. Stephen's Day.

However, after being together for a couple of years, I realised he actually had the right idea. Why exactly am I getting all dressed up for when the only place that I'm going is to my own kitchen and living room?


As mums, we spend most of Christmas day running around after everyone and making sure that everything is running smoothily. Personally, I would rather do that in a Christmas jumper and leggings rather heels and a dress.

That's why this Christmas, I say no more.

No more getting up early to spend an hour on my hair and make up. No more uncomfortable clothes that are stuck to me by dinner time. No more sore feet after running around in fancy shoes.

Instead, my hair will be up, my comfortable clothes on and the eyeshadow palette will stay firmly tucked away in my make-up bag.

This festive season, I'm going to spend more time enjoying unwrapping presents with my children and pulling Christmas crackers, and a whole lot less time trying to look perfect.