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24th Mar 2022

Daylight savings lands on Mother’s Day so our gift is losing an hours sleep

Melissa Carton

This is so unfair.

Mother’s day is supposed to be the one day of the year that mums definitely get to have a lie in.

As Gretchen Wieners would say ‘that’s like the rules of feminism’.

Unfortunately, though the universe has other plans and this year instead of getting our annual glorious lie on, we will instead be losing an hours sleep.

As I said, so unfair.

At first, when I saw it I thought it had to be a joke post but a quick Google search confirmed the worst.

Our clocks will be turned forward by one hour on Sunday, March 27.

Mother’s day also falls on March 27.

What are these daylight savings lads up to at all?

There has been talk by the European Union about getting rid of daylight savings and I think if there was any time to do it, it’s now.

We need to act fast and make sure this lack of sleep is put a stop to before it gets out of hand.

If any European Union officials are reading this I would just like to say that if you could abolish daylight savings before the end of the week we would all be very grateful.

Sincerely the tired mums.