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03rd Sep 2021

Musing: When it comes to pretending to be the Tooth Fairy, I suck

Melissa Carton

Sometimes, as a mam I’m on the ball. Sometimes I’m not…

When my children were babies I had all these ideas in my head about how I was going to be the perfect Pinterest mam.

Now I look back at the notions past me had and oh how I laugh.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to throwing a kick ass birthday party or decorating for Halloween and Christmas, I am super mammy.

When it comes to things like pretending to be the tooth fairy I am terrible and most of the time to put money under their pillow.

My eldest is nine-years-old and so he has lost a few of his baby teeth.

I’m pretty sure that the first time he lost one, I was in there like swim wear with the two euro coin, but since then it has been a slippery slope.

Usually if I forget I say that the Tooth Fairy must not have been able to find his tooth so we’ll leave it somewhere more obvious and she can collect it tomorrow.

I’m not going to lie, I may have also blamed Covid restrictions at last year and said the Tooth Fairy couldn’t come inside because she was from a different household and would have to post the money.

He lost another tooth over the weekend but as we were away I told him that the Tooth Fairy will have left the money in our house, thinking I was buying myself sometime.

Did I remember to put the money under his pillow when we got home? No I did not. Sigh.

dental hygiene for kids

To be honest, at this point I think my son is on to me, because unlike me he’s not an absolute eejit.

I’m pretty sure he just says that he still believes in the Tooth Fairy so he can still get money, and fair enough.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to leave my child a Tooth Fairy payment and at this point with interest!