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02nd Jul 2022

Musings: Dear bra designers, the mums with big boobs would like pretty bras too

Melissa Carton

If you know you know…

For all of my teens and twenties I was part of the itty bitty, titty committee and to be honest I never had any problem buying bras or swimwear.

Cut to me in my thirties with two kids and my boobs have jumped up to a DD and trying to find any underwear or swimwear that isn’t beige or grandmother floral is a challenge.

Just a heads up to anyone designing for large breasts, people with big boobs like pretty bras too.

It’s actually kind of shocking how little of a selection there is clothing wise in general once you go out of quote on quote ‘straight sizes’.

Depending on what shop I go to on the high street I could be anywhere from a size 12 to 16 to a ‘nothing in here is going to fit you’.

With some trial and error I did find that in general Dunnes Stores is the best for size selection and having things be true to size.

Only last week I also managed to pick up a bikini in there that rather than being labelled small, medium or large, it actually had the cup size on it, which all bikini tops should have really.

I have managed to get some pretty bras in Dunnes and Marks and Spencers, but a lot of the time they’re only available in neutral colours and I’m someone who likes bright and bold (which you can probably tell from the bikini).

Recently I came across the brand Gossard and they have an amazing selection of large cups sizes in pretty colours and styles.

I won’t model the bra I got most recently but it genuinely is the best fitting bra I have ever owned since my boobs went up to a DD.

In conclusion, designers we ladies would please like some cute bras and bikini tops to strut our stuff in.

Sincerely,  the big boobed brigade.

Ps, all women would like pockets in our clothes, thanks!