Musings: I lost wedding ring recently and I'm absolutely heartbroken 4 months ago

Musings: I lost wedding ring recently and I'm absolutely heartbroken

Some things just can't be replaced.

I don't think any of us have gotten through life without losing something, but some things are far worse to lose than others.

Recently I found that out the hard way.

Last month, my husband and I finally got to go away on holiday abroad, our first one since 2019 and I was absolutely delighted.

Unfortunately, it was during this trip abroad that my wedding ring went missing and I'm absolutely devastated.

I know logically it's just a piece of jewellery that can be replaced, but emotionally and sentimentally it can never be replaced.

Even if I get another one that looks exactly like it, it still won't be the ring I was given on my wedding day.

It won't be the ring that is in all of my wedding photos, it won't be the ring I've been wearing the last six years.


Since I lost my ring I've been absolutely kicking myself that I decided to bring it on holiday with me.

While that might sound strange, as people typically wear their wedding rings every day, because of joint pain and swelling in my fingers, sometimes my rings don't fit correctly.

In the run up to the trip, my fingers had been swollen meaning my rings no longer fit on my ring finger and I had to wear them on my little finger.

Before flying I kept wondering if I should bring them with me if they didn't fit properly, but I hate when I'm not wearing them, so I brought my rings regardless.

After over a week of calls back to the place we visited there has been no sign of it and I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I will never get it back.

It's a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

I couldn't care less about what it cost, it's the sentimental value that makes it irreplaceable.

I had the ring made as a copy of my great-grandmother's ring which makes it even more difficult.

I know technically I can get a replacement, but in so many other ways it can never be replaced.