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03rd Jul 2022

Musings: Now that it’s summer, mums please get into the photos

Melissa Carton

Your children will want those photos some day.

As a mum it’s very easy to always be the one taking the photos, but never be the one in the photos.

I’m guilty of this a lot, because I love taking photos of my kids when we’re on days out or on holiday, but then I scroll back through them when we get home and realise I’m not in any of them.

It’s not a huge thing, it’s not the end of the world, but at the same time our children want to have photos of us as much as we want photos of them, so this summer, don’t forget to get in the photos too.

Even for the purpose of writing this article I struggled to find photos from our holidays over the last two years that had me in them.

It’s only a small thing now but I know that in the future having photos of me will mean a lot to my children.

I was raised by my grandmother who sadly passed away in 2013 and the photos I have with her are the most precious things I own.

When she passed away, photos were the first things I pulled out to help me through it all and honestly they were my biggest source of comfort.

Even aside from loss, I’d like my children to have lots of photos of us together and in the age of camera phones and digital cameras, there’s really no excuse not to.

I know sometimes part of the reason is body insecurities, believe me I know.

I suffer with a medical condition that makes me stomach bloat most of the time so I feel really self conscious about my mid section in photos.

At the end of the day though, our children do not care what we look like and they still won’t down the line when they look back at the photos either.

So please mums, get into the photos.

You won’t regret it.