The Mothership: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bereavement, Trauma or War 1 year ago

The Mothership: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bereavement, Trauma or War

Have your children asked you about what's happening in Ukraine?

...Or maybe you've had a loss in the family and are wondering how to approach telling your child. On this week's episode of The Mothership, we’re discussing how to talk to your children about difficult topics like bereavement, trauma and the world events that may be causing them some confusion and anxiety right now.


Joining Laura this week is Colleen Brown from Barnardos’ Children’s Bereavement Service and parenting coach, Aoife Lee from

It’s inevitable that things will happen in life and in the world that we’d rather protect our children from altogether. Figuring out how much to tell them, and how to tell them is a source of concern for a lot of parents.

Join us as we discuss talking to children about family trauma such as death, illness or separation, and also world news like high profile deaths and the conflict in Ukraine.

A huge thank you to Colleen and Aoife for offering their support and expertise. Below are some of the services we mentioned in the episode:



Barnardos' Children's Bereavement Helpline Service: PH: 01 473 2110

Barnardos' Parent Support Line: PH: 1800 910 123

Parent Line: PH: 01 873 3500

Parent Support:

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