'You feel lost in the middle of it': Mum Cheyenne Moore gets honest about postpartum depression 6 months ago

'You feel lost in the middle of it': Mum Cheyenne Moore gets honest about postpartum depression

Very relatable.

Postpartum depression hit me like a ton of bricks after giving birth to my first child.

I didn't expect and at first I wasn't sure what was going on. Was it normal to cry this much? Normal to feel this confused? This isolated?

Some nights when I was up late feeding the baby I felt like I was the only person in the world I felt so lonely and lost.

The reality was I was far from alone as many women suffer from postpartum depression every year.

Mum Cheyenne Moore decided to share her experience and it brings home just how difficult dealing with postpartum depression is;


"I cried last night as I asked my husband if he was tired of me. Because I’m tired of me some days. Pregnancy and birth are hard. Raising babies is hard. But I think the hardest is losing yourself. After each babe, postpartum has gotten worse.

I don’t know if it’s being in the trenches of raising multiple children, taking care of a home, working while trying to juggle all of these, or just the pressures of being a mom in todays world."

Cheyenne went on to say that she felt completely lost and didn't know how to cope with the flood of emotions;

"But some days you look around and it hits you that you have no clue who you are outside of those things. That life is flying by, and you feel lost in the middle of it. Some days you get a glimpse of your old carefree self. Other days you’re navigating the high emotions, the doubt, and the wondering when you will feel like yourself again.

Post partum depression is hard. Losing yourself and having to figure out the new you is hard. Every day I’m thankful for the Grace of God.

Every day I’m thankful for the man standing beside me encouraging me to tread the water and slowly get back to myself."

So much of what Cheyenne says is similar to my own experience and I'm sure is similar to experiences of many other.

If you do feel like you are dealing with postpartum depression don't suffer in silence. Talk about it with a loved one or seek the advice of your healthcare professional.